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Nikon camera rubber cover panel pealing off....Glue recommendation?

  1. My Nikon dslr camera rubber cover panel is pealing off.... It happened to me the same with my old Nikon. It seems to be a permanent problem with Nikon cameras. Do you have any glue recommendation? The glue needs to be flexible enough and keep the rubber panel on the metal housing of the camera....
    Thanks so much!
  2. I use something called "rubber glue" overhere. It's like the type of glue one uses to fix the tire of a bike - by glueing a patch of rubber over the hole in the rubber inner tube. Holland is a bicycle country, you know? :smile:
  3. I use Pliobond, available most hardware stores. Still adheres years later, and still flexible, just as needed so covers can be removed when necessary. Perfect for regluing slipped slr mirrors as well, in my experience.
  4. Another vote for Pliobond. I've been using it for years.
  5. Rubber cement but you have to hold it in place until it completely drys. The advantage is that it can be removed without causing damage.
  6. "It happened to me the same with my old Nikon. It seems to be a permanent problem with Nikon cameras."

    Not a problem with old Nikons just later rubber coated ones.
  7. Yes! Rubber Cement, that's what it was called in english. Thanks!
  8. I use contact cement to fix corners coming up. I coat the leatherette then press it against the camera to get the glue where I need it. With contact cement you let it dry a little then press it together and you're done.
  9. But if there is a problem with the contact cement the clean up is much harder, so I start with rubber cement, then contact cement, then super glue, Gorilla Glue, rivets, welding, blow torches, hand held tactical nuclear weapons ...
  10. Another + for Pliobond.

    For instant grab & practically no chance to adjust fit. Use it as a contact cement. IE:glue both surfaces, allow
    to get tacky & where you set it is where it stays.
    It's far more forgiving to use it on only one surface. It holds very well and can still be removed
    when it dries. Keep in mind though removing something that's been glued down has to be
    done Very Carefully. I keep a small(1") spatula for this. Ya don't want sharp edges.
  11. +1 for Pliobond
  12. Hey, are these ORM-D? Is it possible to ship these to Brazil?

  13. Pliobond
  14. When the rubber started coming off my D200 I just got new grips from Nikon. They came pre glued and all you had to do was peel off the backing and slap them in place. :smile:

  15. I didn't realize Pliobond is a brand of contact cement so another +1 for Pliobond. For very small repairs I put a little on a wood tooth pick to apply it rather than the big clumsy brush it comes with.
  16. i have to replace mine annually--$5 a pop at my local nikon service shop. they ship, too. self-adhesive. OEM

    the original likely won't fit any more; it fell off because the rubber expanded
  17. There is always ...
  18. Pliobond is the standard adhesive used in the camera repair industry.
    It remains viable over a wide range of temperatures.

    It attaches leatherette to camera bodies very well, yet allows it to be removed when service is needed.

    - Leigh