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120 mm f:1.6 Meniscus lens on a 5x7 Deardorff

Discussion in 'Large Format Cameras and Accessories' started by Reinhold, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Reinhold

    Reinhold Advertiser

    Aug 20, 2003
    Washougal, W
    Multi Format
    Mounting my large, newly minted soft-focus 120mm f:1.6 Wollaston on my Deardorff’s small 96x99mm Technika size lens board had me scratching my head until I made an adapter for the larger lens flange.

    Here are a some of examples of a short meniscus lens used as a close-up lens, as well as it’s performance as a “pseudo wide angle” landscape lens.

    The “Sprinkling Permit” sign was about 12” in front of the lens, shot it at f:3.2 (almost wide open). At these close distances, I noticed that the “soft-vs-sharp” aperture differences are not as pronounced, as compared to more distant views.

    The near corner of the “Backyard Shop” was about 15’ away, the angle of view was easily 130°. It was a typical overcast, Pacific Northwst day. I’m really pleased with the soft glow of the f:2.2 photo, I included the f:8 photo to show the progression toward a “sharper” image.

    These were from paper negatives, shot thru a yellow-green filter at ISO 3, on vari-grade paper, no pre-flash, developed about 8-10 minutes in 1+20 Dektol.


    Sprinkle 1... 020.jpg

    shop@ f2.2.jpg

    shop@ f8.jpg

    120:1.6 Deardorff.JPG
  2. michr

    michr Member

    Sep 28, 2012
    Multi Format
    I'm glad to see you're still making lenses. This fast lens might be just the thing to make Xray film usable on a cloudy day.