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Group outing like Per's Joshua Tree NP meet up?

Discussion in 'Social Groups' started by Todd Foster, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. Todd Foster

    Todd Foster Guest


    Any interest in some kind of group outing like Per's annual Joshua Tree meeting?

    I live near Joshua Tree but I've long been interested in a trip to Parker Dam, a couple of hours past JTree. Been there, but never photographed there. Drove through Parker Dam on return from the 5 Churches workshop and was very impressed by the hilly mountains, the water locations, and the reported presence of burros and I think wild horses. Seemed like a great, close enough photo trip area to return to. I will revisit and get current motel and camping info if there is interest in a group meet up at Parker Dam this Spring of 2015. A trip there before the hot Summer weather and vacation hordes seems a good idea.

    I'm saturated with Joshua Tree, but would attend an informal meetup to remember what it was like when Per was with us.

    Best, Todd Foster.
  2. OP
    mike c

    mike c Guest

    Feb. was the month for the Per meet up and I have thought about getting out there with the 5x7 , wind is the only offset. Anybody game?