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its been a long while

Discussion in 'Social Groups' started by jnanian, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. jnanian

    jnanian Guest

    its been a long while but i think next week i will make a small batch of salted emulsion.
    i plan on using mr patten's recipe, but adding in / spiking it with a little potassium bromide.
    any suggestions for salt to bromide ratio i should use ?
    i'm using 3g/nacl to 5.6g of AG, the total volume will be about 100cc at first
    as i get more confident i will make larger volumes, but its been about 30 years since i did this
    and i am more than a little rusty..

    thanks for your suggestions !

  2. OP

    jnanian Guest


    to make a long story short, i used 3g of salt, and equal amounts of bromide and silver.
    noodling was a mess and i just did test exposures today ... not sure what speed it ended up
    its slow though, really slow.
  3. OP

    NedL Guest

    I think it already looks awesome. I can't wait to see what comes from this!
  4. OP

    jnanian Guest

    thanks ned !
    i'm getting to the bottom of the beaker, and it has been a lot of fun playing with something i made from scratch. while it works in a camera really well
    i have almost decided to make this a printing on emulsoin and a photogram emulsion because it is so slow. i had wanted to make portriats with it,
    but i can't really make someone sit for 30-40 seconds ... :wink: